The Wooden Spoon.


It all began with this woman right here. My Grandma Dean. That is her holding me on her 70th birthday. I am the youngest grandchild out of five. My Grandma became my first best friend. She had me cooking in her kitchen as soon as I was old enough to get up on a stool. I would sit and watch as she hand rolled gnocchi’s on the kitchen table. Making sauce from scratch on Sunday’s. I was in awe of what she was doing. I wasn’t aware at such a young age of the impact this would have on me. I will never forget the precious time I spent with her, cooking, laughing, and learning.

As an adult,I have developed a love for making up my own recipes, experimenting with different ingredients and spices. I enjoy cooking all types of food. After a long day at work, I very much look forward to cooking dinner at home. It is very relaxing for me. There is nothing better than food, music, and a nice glass of wine 🙂

I will share my different recipes, favorite wines, maybe a fitness tip here and there, and my three crazy, entertaining little puppies!



xox Alicia

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